Network Security

Securing your network is a must! No if’s no but’s. At Pegasus IT we have a comprehensive set of solutions from physical firewalls to in-house and centralised cloud Anti-Virus products to help keep you protected. Get in touch to set your worries free.

What is Cloud Migration and Why is it Important

Why cloud? The digital revolution has empowered customers with more choices, requiring businesses to exchange outdated practices with modern solutions in a competitive landscape. In response, growth and adoption of cloud services are increasing across industries and...

Customer story: Toronto Zoo

Moving from pen and paper to a culture of cloud-based technology, the Toronto Zoo has revolutionized the way employees work. Using Office 365, they have improved internal processes and data sharing with partners around the world.

Network review

Worried about the status of your business computer network. Get a review now from Pegasus IT. Covering Essex and Suffolk. For everything IT and more.