Anyone who works in an IT department or who has some responsibility for IT in their job description (probably just about all of us these days as most people will manage their own data to some degree) will have been implored to ‘make sure you back up’.

We all know it. It’s a fundamental and we all know that if we lost everything the consequences would be pretty dire. And it’s not even just workers who stand to lose, as individuals we manage so much of our lives via our laptops and PCs. Most of our contacts are stored on line and precious photographs which we promise ourselves we will print out one day are lurking on a hard drive somewhere.

The problem is you only truly miss something when it’s gone. And the fact is, hard drives DO fail, computers DO get hacked and viruses wreak havoc with our data.

If this happens on a personal basis it can be heartbreaking to lose images or messages that have great sentimental value. If you’ve kept notes or contact details on your PC or laptop, the job of trying to re-build that information is time consuming and difficult.

For a business, losing your data could be devastating .

The problem is, ‘make sure you back up’ becomes like white noise, it’s a phrase we’ve heard so much that it no longer means anything.

Another white noise moment is when you tell yourself you WILL get around to saving data or upgrading storage but it doesn’t quite happen. You may have installed a free cloud storage app like Dropbox, but with only 2Gb of space, a few photos and videos soon get you a ‘storage full’ message.

These are the reasons we recommend all of our customers, business and consumer, to enrol in our Cymax Cloud Storage plan.

Starting at just £5.99 per month for one PC, you will have UNLIMITED storage and you no longer need to worry that you’ve forgotten to back everything up – the Cymax Cloud remembers for you.

If you had a Starbucks flat white just once a week for a month, it would cost more than £5.99.

If you are a business and have more than three devices, we charge just £17.99 per month, again with unlimited storage, AND unlimited devices. (In other words, two flat white coffees per week.)

We think that is an amazing price for peace of mind.

If you’d like to know more, please call Kirk on 01206 795493 or drop into the shop, 16 Moorside, Colchester CO1 2ZF. We’re open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Convenient free parking by the store.